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Brand: Zoot

Zoot CompressRX Active Tight Unisex

Zoot CompressRX Active Tight Unisex
Brand: Zoot

Zoot CompressRX Active Tight Unisex

RRP: $141.67
Save: 83%
Black - XS
In StockReady for despatch
Black - S
In StockReady for despatch
Compression Redefined! - Direct to muscle, graduated, zoned compression, for high compression where you need it and biomechanical flexibility where you don't.

Why new sizing? - the key is circumference. That's how we measure CompressRX: for your muscles individual circumferential measurements, not some elses's guess. We make it on a circular knit machine, for any size, crafting each limb to offer optimal compression benefits for every muscle group. Why?
  • 25% decrease in lactic acid build-up
  • 28% reduction of perceived effort
  • 40% improvement in recovery
  • ZoneRx: Muscle specific zones of compression stabilize and prevent post-exercise soreness
  • CRx: Graduated compression that improves blood flow back to the heart
  • SynchroRx: Polypropylene and Silver tech provide misture wicking and 99.9% antimicrobial protection
  • Dynamic X: Proprioception panel provides enhanced support and body positioning


  • XS = 0
  • S = 1
  • M = 2
  • L = 3
  • XL = 4
  • XXL = 5

Learn More About The Innovation Built Into CompressRx Clothing
Compression-all Compression-history Compressionrx Synchrorx Apparel-care Zonerx

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