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You can make a Cycle to Work Scheme
purchase online - it takes 5 minutes!

Benefit from a saving of up to 52%
on the purchase of your bike and accessories.

If you availed of the scheme in 2009 & 2010
you are now eligible again.

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5 year eligibility

If you availed of the Cycle to Work scheme in 2009 or 2010 you are eligible to re-apply for the scheme, no matter what month your original application was made.

  • The great news is that you can still get a new bike and/or selected safety equipment for you to use to Cycle to Work up to the value of €1,000.
  • You still make the same great savings of 31% - 52% on the cost of the bicycle and/or safety equipment and your employer also makes a saving on their employer PRSI.
  • So why not make the most of your new lifestyle and get a brand new bike and/or safety equipment for commuting to work and save more money.

All we need is Your Employer details.
You will receive than Cycle 2 Work Quotation for the bike & accessories from Your Shopping Basket.

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Employer PRSI savings

Welcome to Cycle SuperStore - Ireland's largest cycle store, specialising in helping everyone take advantage of the huge discounts offered by this tax-based incentive.

5 Simple Steps

  1. Get a Sales Quote, either online or by visiting us in-store.
  2. We will hold your selected bike and accessories with a refundable deposit, while you give the Sales Quote to your employer.
  3. They will then issue payment (generally bank transfer, voucher, or cheque).
  4. Call our friendly sales team to arrange collection (or free delivery!).
  5. Enjoy your new bike and let us know whenever there's anything we can do to help you enjoy it even more!

Employee Benefits

Here are just a few of the massive benefits available for employees under the Cycle to Work Scheme:

1. Huge Savings on Bikes and Accessories

  • Employees make a saving of between 31% - 51% depending on tax rate, making it easily the cheapest way to buy a bike.
  • With no road tax, NCT, ever-increasing fuel costs or breakdown cover to worry about, a bike will you so much less to operate

2. Huge choice of Brands

  • Cycle SuperStore has one of the biggest selections of top-brand including; Lapierre, Cube, Cannondale, Giant, Leaderfox, Look Cycles, Pinarello and many more.
  • We also stock a huge range of accessories, clothing and other cycling equipment all under one roof, which can all be included with the Cycle to Work scheme purchase.

3. Stay Active

  • Enjoy the many health benefits of commuting to work - on average, cyclists live two years longer than non-cyclists and cycling keeps you fit and toned.
  • Cycling also raises your metabolic rate - the efficiency with which your body burns calories and fat - even for a few hours after a cycle.

4. Expert Sales Team

  • Our enthusiastic and passionate Sales Team are here at the store 7 days a week, so you can always drop in any time that suits, for the best information and advice!

5. Delivery to Your Door

  • Your Cycle to Work purchases can all be delivered right to your door for free - or, of course, you can always come in and collect it from our store.

6. Your Employer Saves Too!

  • Your Employer also benefits - PRSI savings, reduced parking problems, a reliably punctual workforce, savings in parking tax and the advantages of healthier employees to name but a few!
  • Our FAQ's should answer most questions your employer might have, but we also have a full information pack which they can download. We would also be very happy to speak with them and outline the scheme and its many benefits - just ask them to get in touch!

Did You Know?

Aside from all the great benefits listed above, cycling also makes the environment happier - on average 2KG of carbon is saved on every short journey made by bike instead of the car!

Make Online Quotation

Savings Calculator

Your Annual Salary
Cost of Bike & Accessories


Reduction in income tax:
Reduction in PRSI:
Reduction in USC:
Your (estimated) Savings:
Final Cost of Bike:


Employer PRSI savings

Benefits for Employers

Welcome to the first step in taking part in a hugely successful scheme for your employees. We can provide Your Company with a fully integrated on-line solution to manage the cycle-to-work Government Scheme. Moreover if Your Company joins our Corporate Discount Scheme - every Employee will be entitled to Corporate Discounts.

Using the Cycle to Work scheme, your company can purchase a brand new bike and safety equipment worth up to €1,000 Tax Free, for your employees. You can use a salary sacrifice arrangement to allow your employees to pay for the bike over an agreed amount of time up to 12 months. This means that the employees saves between 31% - 51% (depending on tax rate) of the retail price of bike and equipment but your company also makes a saving of 10.75%.

Why Choose our store

Cycle Superstore was established in 1982 and has grown from a small family owned bike shop into Ireland's largest bicycle store.

We can visit your company to help promote the Cycle to Work Scheme (advanced booking required). This involves our marketing team visiting work locations to advise staff on how the Cycle to Work Scheme works and show the types of bikes and accessories on offer under the scheme. Your employees could actually have their bicycles in just a few days!

  • We have the largest stock of bicycles and bicycle components all under one roof!
  • All our products come with full warranty back-up so you can shop with confidence.
  • Every customer is a priority! Our whole operation is designed to all our customer experience the best customer service and expert advice possible.
  • You can visit us instore at our showroom in Tallaght (just off the M50) or browse our site.
  • If you need some help with anything to do with cycling you can rely on our large team of bike experts to point you in the right direction.

Savings Calculator

Your Annual Salary
Cost of Bike & Accessories


Reduction in income tax:
Reduction in PRSI:
Reduction in USC:
Your (estimated) Savings:
Final Cost of Bike:


Employer PRSI savings

Cycle to Work Scheme

Are you aware that you can save up to 52% off the price of a brand new bicycle and associated accessories under a Government-based tax incentive scheme in Ireland?

Introduced on 1st January 2009, this new tax incentive scheme is designed to encourage more people to get on their bikes and cycle to work!

Cycling keeps you fit, it's fast, cheap and reliable - and it's great for the environment.

Benefits for You

The Cycle to Work scheme represents the cheapest, easiest way to buy a bike and accessories in Ireland and covers up to a maximum cost of €1,000.

As we all know, cycling is a great form of exercise and by cycling to work, you'll make sure you stay active and get good exercise everyday without using up any more of your valuable time.

With Cycle SuperStore, you also get to shop at Ireland's largest cycle store, with a gigantic selection of brands, expert staff on-hand and waiting to share their enthusiasm with you, corporate discounts and free delivery to anywhere in Ireland, if requested.

How to Participate

Participating in the bicycle scheme couldn't be easier.

Once your employer decides to take part, they simply pay for the bike and equipment of your choice on your behalf, and off you go. Your Employer will inform you how the payment will work exactly, whether they buy the bike outright or it operates under a "salary sacrifice" arrangement, but either way you save on tax!

The scheme is flexible in so far as your employer doesn't have to specifically notify the Revenue Commissioners that you're availing of the scheme and there are no Government forms to fill out. However, your employer does have to maintain the normal records such as invoices and payment details associated with buying the bike.

Why Choose Cycle SuperStore

Cycle SuperStore is Ireland's largest cycle store, and offers the biggest choice of brands, passionate and enthusiastic staff who want to help you get into cycling and to love it as much as we do, corporate discounts to our Cycle to Work customers and free delivery to anywhere in Ireland. Finally, you'll benefit from knowing you're in the hands of Cycle to Work Scheme experts, as we've been involved with the scheme and helping our customers avail of it since day one.

For more information, or to request a company presentation, please contact our Marketing Department