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Bikemo Insurance

Free insurance
for your new bike

Get 14 days free insurance

Cycle Superstore now offers 14 days free Bikmo insurance for bikes up to 7 days old with no payment details required or nasty auto-renewal. Sounds good?

How it works?

1. Activate
You have 7 days after purchasing, collecting or receiving your new bike to redeem your free insurance. You're covered,

2. Ride worry free
You'll be sent an email with your cover details and how to make a claim if you need to.

3. End or Extend
When your free cover ends it will simply expire. You can extend and upgrade your cover at any time and insure your other bikes at the same time and get exclusive savings.

Why should I insure my bike?

A new bike will often be one of, if not the biggest investment you’ll make this year, and may even be one of the single largest purchases you’ll make behind a house, car and maybe a new tv.

If you’ve invested a significant sum of money in a new bike, you’ll want to look after it. Potholes, crashes or opportunist thieves can’t always be avoided, but with Bikmo cycle insurance, you can enjoy riding with total peace of mind.

Riders worry most about their bike being stolen, but Bikmo’s claims data, which is publicly available via their Project Open, shows that you’re just a likely, if not more likely to make a claim for accidental damage than theft. The cost of damage can be anything from a minor repair to a new bike.

Activate Your Insurance & More Info

Insurance benefits:

Argh, did your prized bike get stolen? It happens and that’s why we’re here, just make sure you comply with our locking requirements.

Accidental Damage
Everyone crashes, even the pros. Our policy covers you for damage to your bike so you can get back on the saddle and keep on riding.

Seems unlikely, but if anyone gets a touch of the green-eyed monster and damages your pride and joy, we’ll cover you for that too.