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Brand: Look

Look 785 Huez RS Team Fortuneo SRAM Red eTap Road Bike 2018

Look 785 Huez RS Team Fortuneo SRAM Red eTap Road Bike 2018
Brand: Look

Look 785 Huez RS Team Fortuneo SRAM Red eTap Road Bike 2018

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Why buy bike from us?

785 Huez RS - an Ultra Lightweight bicycle to be lighter and more efficient in the mountains.

  • 730g Ultra High Modulus Carbon Frame
  • 290g 100% Carbon Fork
  • 100% Carbon Bottom Bracket Shell
  • Optimized Interia Section for an improved stiffness to weight ratio

The comfort on the bicycle is provided not only by the use of specific fibers, but also by the adoption of a 27.2mm HR carbon seatpost (provides flexibility). This diameter is the optimal size which allows for the greatest amount of flex while assuring dependable tensile strength.

LOOK designers and engineers, above all, wanted to create the lightest bicycle possible with optimum characteristics by concentrating primarily on its efficiency. The new 785 HUEZ RS is a concentration of pure technology without any frills. Its design and size and shape of its tubes have been optimized to obtain the best attainable inertia, making the construction a 5.9kg bicycle for climbing and conquering summits.


  • Crankset: LOOK ZED 2 ONE PIECE CARBON (170 / 172,5 / 175) Chainring : SRAM chainrings, 52x36
  • Cassette: SRAM RED 11 x 28
  • Chain: SRAM RED
  • Shifters: SRAM RED ETAP 22 wireless
  • Derailleur: SRAM RED E TAP 22 wireless
  • Brakes: SRAM RED
  • Seatpost: LOOK LS1 Super Light carbon 27,2 mm x 350 mm
  • Stem: LOOK Alloy LS1 Super light +/- 7°
  • Handlebar: LOOK CARBON LS1 Super light compact
  • Pedals: W/O
  • Wheels: CORIMA CARBON 32 mm MCC ‘’S+’’ Tubular
  • Tires: CONTINENTAL Tubular Sprinter, 700 x 25


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This historic choice, which makes LOOK one of the few sport composite pioneers, is justified by the inherent characteristics of different carbon fiber. The most important being its strong correlation between its stretching resistance and stiffness for very little weight. The excellent performance of carbon epoxy composites to aging equally contributes to its choice as the ideal material for the fabrication of bicycle frames and forks.
Moreover, carbon fibers have a different behaviors based on their orientation. One defines carbon composition (fiber type, orientation and quantity) for each layer in a very precise manner according to how the product will be used.
For over 30 years, LOOK has developed a unique expertise and a vast experience of combining different types of fibers to achieve specific desired properties. We know how to vary the parameters of carbon composition to give a product a desired behavior. The impregnated carbon sheets developed in France, according to LOOK's own experience, have characteristics and an application close to those of aeronautics, aerospace or automotive sports.

Optimized Interia Section

To create the 785 HUEZ RS, we began by studying and improving the shape of all of the tubes. Optimizing the shape requires defining the design that provides the maximum inertia for each tube, that is to say, to choose the optimal length, size and shape that produces the best stiffness-to-weight ratio.
We therefore, opted for a sleek and sophisticated design based on precise research, entirely focused upon the search for efficiency and performed by our engineers, to create an ultralight bicycle with the best possible characteristics. A tube sidewall thickness of 0.6 mm was ultimately chosen.

Nano Layer Construction

They must be coupled with the best recipe. Strong, with over 30 years of carbon technology know-how, skill and expertise, LOOK engineers, in their manufacturing facility, ultra-precisely define the position and orientation of each of the thin layers of carbon used to create their tubes.
For example 785 Huez RS frame uses 0,010mm ultra thin layers, 5 different carbons, 10 layers of carbon per tube. That makes 260 pieces of carbon per frame.


Once the optimal length, size and tube thickness have been determined, the next step is to establish the ideal carbon composition to achieve our objective, the creation of the best bicycle made for climbing. LOOK has therefore selected only superior carbon fibers, including the finest of the high modulus, to create the HUEZ 785 RS. We have chosen five different types of carbon, each one selected for its outstanding quality in its category.


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Terms & Conditions

  • We only accept bikes in the resale value range of €200 - €1,200
  • Bikes must be clean and fit for resale
  • You will be required to produce photo ID which we will scan and keep on file