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Compressport Race & Recovery Compression Socks

Compressport Race & Recovery Compression Socks
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Compressport Race & Recovery Compression Socks

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Whether it is to support your calves during your next challenge or to recover comfortably and without pain, the Full Socks Race & Recovery improve performances and speed up recovery. Compressport has developed a lightweight and comfortable sock that combines the benefits of compression around the calves and the arch support for a unique effectiveness.

Use your Full Socks Race & Recovery before the exercise to warm up your muscles; while exercising to enhance your performances; after the effort to reduce inflammation and soreness. Highly breathable, the Full Socks Race & Recovery offer great ventilation and greater comfort. Thanks to a slight compression around the arch support, venous return is stimulated and the sock does not rotate and doesn’t slip as you perform. The are perfect for road running and for all activities that require a good muscular protection and effective recovery. With their elegant design, the black Full Socks Race & Recovery are your best ally for tonic legs in all occasions.


  • Compression and performance - Compression limits muscular vibrations. It also reduces muscular breakage and prevents cramps and aches. During prolonged efforts such as on long distance runs, trail running races or triathlons, these socks delay muscular fatigue so you can perform longer.
  • Compression and recovery - With a gradient inspired by medical compression, from the feet to the claves, the socks improves venous return. Muscle oxygenation is facilitated and toxins are eliminated more easily. These full socks prevent oedema that prolonged efforts would cause.
  • Support and ergonomy - The Barefoot Performance technology allows to support the feet during effort, activating blood fl ow at the same time. These socks do not compress the toes and let them occupy all the space they need. Ventilation bands integrated in the fi bre bring aeration, elasticity and ensure the calves and feet be in total comfort and perform effectively.


  • Compositions
    • 87% Polyamide,
    • 13% Elastane

Size Chart:

Size CM (Calf Circumference) INCH (Calf Circumference) EU (Foot size) USA (M) (Foot size) USA (W) (Foot size) UK (M) (Foot size) UK (W) (Foot size) BRA (Foot size)
XS 22-30 8,5-12 35-38 3,5-6 5-7,5 2,5-5 3-5,5 33-36
XS/S 30-38 12-15 35-38 3,5-6 5-7,5 2,5-5 3-5,5 33-36
S 30-38 12-15 39-41 6,5-8 8-9,5 5,5-7 6-7,5 37-39
S/M 30-38 12-15 42-44 8,5-10,5 10-12 7,5-9,5 8-10 40-42
M 30-38 12-15 45-47 11-13 12,5-14,5 10-12 10,5-12,5 43-45
M/L 38-46 15-18 39-41 6,5-8 8-9,5 5,5-7 6-7,5 37-39
L 38-46 15-18 42-44 8,5-10,5 10-12 7,5-9,5 8-10 40-42
L/XL 38-46 15-18 45-47 11-13 12,5-14,5 10-12 10,5-12,5 43-45

Manufacturer's Code: CS-675819, CS-675826