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Brand: Orca

Orca Alpha Triathlon Wetsuit

Orca Alpha Triathlon Wetsuit
Orca Alpha Triathlon WetsuitAdditional Image
Brand: Orca

Orca Alpha Triathlon Wetsuit

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This combination of innovative technologies makes the new Alpha the most elastic wetsuit on the market.

The obvious choice for Natural Swimmers, those who have a background in swimming and have a good swimming technique. Focus on what really matters: Swimming without limitations.


Maximum Flexibility

The combination of 0.88 material and Yamamoto 44 neoprene provides maximum flexibility, ensuring greater stroke distance. Hydrodynamics. The Nano SCS coating will minimize water resistance as you glide through the water, improving your hydrodynamics and performance with each stroke.

Decreased Buoyancy

Because of the use of thinner and more elastic materials, this wetsuit will help you maintain a more neutral and correct position for longer.

More Freedom of Movement

The reduced buoyancy and the use of a shorter reversible zipper offer full freedom of movement, so that the wetsuit feels like a second skin.

Orca Swim Scale

The Progressive Swimmer family

is ideal for those who need as much help as possible with their body position in the water. This solution is for swimmers who are not completely comfortable in the water and are looking for a wetsuit that can help correct their technique. Progressive provides extra buoyancy to help them achieve a stable position in the water, which greatly improves their performance. Although fl exibility is important, when you don’t have a perfect technique and your stroke isn’t polished, buoyancy becomes the most determining factor in improving tim

The Total Swimmer

has some things in their kicking technique that buoyancy would help to correct by raising the legs to achieve a more eff ective horizontal posture. Also, if they don’t have any problems in their upper body, they need fl exibility in this area so that their stroke is not altered. Orca off ers a solution that is in between the Progressive and Natural Swimmer: Total Swimmer. A combination of both helps to boost performance: with maximum fl exibility in the upper body, which is also incorporated in the Natural Swimmer suits, and maximum buoyancy in the lower body, which is applied to Progressive Swimmers. These swimmers need buoyancy and fl exibility at the same time so that each element acts in the specifi c area that it is needed, according to their characteristics as a swimmer.

Orca’s natural Swimmer range

is specifically designed for swimmers who have no technical defi ciencies and maintain a correct position in the water, horizontal and elevated. These swimmers need extra fl exibility so that their kicking technique is not aff ected by other factors. The neutral buoyancy used in this range is designed not to alter the position of these triathletes, since it is important that they naturally have a correct position in the water. With the right materials the triathlete can move freely in the water and, in addition to necessary thermal insulation, they are provided with slight buoyancy to .

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Manufacturer's Code: KN121001, KN120501

Barcodes: 8434446632242, 8434446632198

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