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Continental Grand Prix 4 Season DuraSkin Vectran Folding Road Tyre

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season DuraSkin Vectran Folding Road Tyre

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season DuraSkin Vectran Folding Road Tyre

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Reliable companion for training rides and in competition, come rain or shine.

The tire with a superior durability ready for any season.


  • Redefining the perfect All-Weather performance tyre, the Grand Prix 4 Season delivers reliable security and sure-footed grip, whatever the conditions
  • Ultra-fine polyamide casing for supple all day performance
  • MaxGrip Silica tread compound is specifically optimised for wet weather grip even in low temperatures
  • DuraSkin polyamide mesh layer fabric on sidewalls protects the casing against cuts, punctures and abrasion whilst only adding 10 grams per tyre
  • Double Vectran breaker beltunder the tread offers unbeatable levels of puncture protection
  • With the formidable combination of DuraSkin and state of the art Vectran, the cut/puncture resistance of this winter tyre is raised to the highest possible level, without compromising on weight, grip, feedback and feel
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Constructed from 6 plies, totalling 330 tpi
  • Weight: 230 - 340 grams



Vectran™ is a synthetically manufactured high-tech fibre from a natural model. Like spider silk, Vectran™ is a liquid-crystalline polymer (LCP). Vectran™ is spun from the melted liquid polymer Vectra and processed further to a multi-strand thread. Spider silk like Vectran™ has an enormous tear resistance at a very low weight: Exactly the right properties to process into a premium Continental bicycle tire as a puncture protection insert. A Vectran™ Breaker is lighter, more flexible and protects more effectively against cuts than the comparable nylon breaker. Vectran™ Breaker does not adversely affect the rolling resistance.

Manufacturer's Code: TYC00173, TYC00175, TYC01105, TYC01095

Barcodes: 4019238409093, 4019238409116, 4019238674620, 4019238668131

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