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Brand: Look

Look Geo City Grip Vision Pedals

Look Geo City Grip Vision Pedals
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Brand: Look

Look Geo City Grip Vision Pedals

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With LOOK Activ Grip by Vibram and LOOK Vision In Lighting our Geo City Vision Grip is the ultimate urban pedal.

Combining 24/7 LED safety, iconic mountain boot traction and MTB-toughness with Tour de France winning performance and unmatched personality there’s no better place to put your feet for town and country riding.

Slip-proof safety

GEO CITY, with LOOK Activ Grip by Vibram
A secure connection with your bike is crucial for confident riding, and that sentiment is at the core of the LOOK GEO CITY range. Whatever the weather is doing or whatever shoes you’re wearing you need to know you won’t slip out again, pulling away from a stop sign, climbing a hill or zipping through traffic.

Just as LOOK personifies innovative pedal technology, no other name guarantees safety and grip like Vibram, and now the legendary golden badge under the feet of countless epic adventurers is available on the ultimate all-purpose pedal. LOOK Activ Grip by Vibram combines our decades of cycling experience with nearly a century of wearable traction technology from the most iconic footwear sole brand around. The result is totally confident riding whether you’re biking in ballet pumps, leather brogues or work boots.

Quick-switchable inserts in different colors and designs mean your new slip-proof safety comes with easy style syncing too.

Perfect pedal connection

LOOK GEO CITY Pattern Tread – designed for the city
With changes in weather, surface conditions and spillages from vehicles amongst the many potential hazards, riding on the city streets can be every bit as treacherous as mountain summits – and slipping up here can be just as serious. But with the LOOK GEO CITY, riding in the city has never been so easy – with the assured confidence that comes from the perfect connection.

LOOK GEO CITY Pattern Tread uses a specifically engineered rubber compound from the legendary grip gurus Vibram – who we have collaborated with for this unique pedal range, to make the perfect match for today’s tough city riding. Together we crafted this into a multi directional tread, with different heights and all-important grooves for efficient water drainage. It delivers consistent, failsafe shoe security at any angle, and in any weather.

Unlike conventional ‘pegged’ platforms our unique pad solution means trustworthy traction without damaging the soles of your shoes or creating painful pressure points when riding in everyday footwear.

LOOK GEO CITY – the comfortably supportive and stylish connection to your bike.

24/7 safety

LOOK Vision In Lights
If you want to be noticed then you need to be different! City streets are full of red lights and even flashing bike lights can seem to disappear if they’re in a fixed position. But bright lights that dance up and down as you pedal will always attract attention, even in the busiest urban scene – and that’s why our LOOK Vision In Lights are literally brilliant. Four powerful, fully integrated LED lights have 'Steady', flashing 'Eco' and 2.5x brighter 'Daylight running' modes to stand out, whatever the situation.

Our unique stop-start technology means LOOK Vision In Lights automatically engage Standby Mode after 30 seconds of inactivity, and re-engages your chosen active mode the split-second it senses movement – ensuring both visibility and even longer battery life.

USB rechargeable batteries give up to 20 hours of safety, with magnetic locking for easy fitting and removal. IPX 7 waterproof rating won’t let you down in the worst conditions when you need to stand out the most.

LOOK Vision In Lights: Making sure you’re seen, day or night.

Why you'll love it?

  • Geo City Vision Grip is loaded with safety, security and style features to add total confidence and unique character to your ride.
  • LOOK Vision In Lights puts four powerful LED lights in the most dynamic positions to maximize day and night safety. 20 hours runtime with multiple constant, flashing and daylight modes and quick, magnetic mounts – for easy USB recharging.
  • LOOK Activ Grip tread inserts were co-developed with iconic mountain brand Vibram: their golden badge guarantees traction. Specially developed Vibram City rubber compound and ribbed tread design mean complete no-slip safety with any shoe in any weather.
  • Classic stealth black, passionate red, high visibility lime or crazy camo insert options to express your individual style.
  • Compatible with composite stud and lug Vibram Activ Grip ‘Trail’ inserts for off-road adventures and rugged style.
  • Super strong, wide stance composite base pedal with top quality bearing technology from our champions’ choice road pedals.

Technical Specification

  • Spindle material: Chromoly +
  • Body material: Composite
  • Q Factor: 63 mm
  • Grip: Vulcanized rubber activ grip
  • Technology: Flat pedals + LOOK activ grip by VIBRAM
  • Platform area: 107x103 mm
  • Weight pair: 580 g / Pedal: 290 g
  • Light modes: 4 (Steady 20 lumens / Day flash 50 lumens / Night flash 10 lumens / Flash eco 6 lumens)
  • Light output: From 6 to 50 lumens
  • Battery: Micro USB rechargeable (cable included)
  • Unit light weight: 14 g
  • Beam angle: 180°
  • Waterproofness: IPX 7 waterproof rating
  • Light included: Yes (x4)
  • Charging time: 2 h

Manufacturer's Code: 00024046