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Brand: Zefal

Zefal Cyclop Handlebar Mirror

Zefal Cyclop Handlebar Mirror
Brand: Zefal

Zefal Cyclop Handlebar Mirror

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Steerable handlebar mirror

Ideal for leisure and city use.


  • Reversible: Can be attached to either side of the handlebar.
  • Solid mirror: The mirrors are made of unbreakable ABS chrome and therefore have no risk of breaking in the event of a fall.
  • Triple adjustment: Orientation tailored to your position.
  • Folding under the handlebar: Storage and protection of the mirror.


  • Weight:60 g
  • Material:Unbreakable chrome plated plastic
  • Mounting:Universal bar end fitting (left and right)
  • Orientation:Fully adjustable
  • Mirror:Convex
  • Size of the mirror:46 cm²
  • Handlebar Ø:16 mm - 22 mm / 0.6" - 0.9"

Manufacturer's Code: 4710

Barcodes: 3420584710015

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