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Brand: Motorex

Motorex Bike Clean Refill 5L

Motorex Bike Clean Refill 5L
Brand: Motorex

Motorex Bike Clean Refill 5L

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Particularly effective, solvent-free, gelatinous cleaner specially for heavily contaminated bicycles. MOTOREX BIKE CLEAN dissolves and removes mud, soil, dust etc. in next to no time. Does not leave behind any greasy residues and does not affect brake action in any way whatsoever. Also suitable for carbon.

  • Field of application: For cleaning dirty bicycles and mopeds as well as the associated equipment – particularly after off-road riding or bad weather.
  • Notes: We strongly advise against using a high-pressure cleaner. As soon as the chain and derailleur are dry, re-lubricate them to prevent corrosion. Do not use in the sun.
  • Package Size: 5L


  • Spray the bicycle with the biodegradable cleaner and – depending on the amount of dirt present – leave for three to five minutes (avoid direct sunlight).
  • After allowing BIKE CLEAN sufficient time to act, wash the bicycle with plenty of water. To do this, use a hose with a fine spray of water (minimum distance: 20 cm).
  • The water spray must not be pointed directly at the bearings and axles.


  • biodegrades quickly
  • neither corrosive nor toxic
  • free of solvents and other organic substances (VOC-free)
  • very good material compatibility
  • can be diluted with any ratio of water
  • optimum adhesion
  • Carbon-checked

Manufacturer's Code: MTX-300201

Barcodes: 7611197210238

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