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Brand: SaltStick

SaltStick FastChews Chewable Electrolyte Tablets

SaltStick FastChews Chewable Electrolyte Tablets
SaltStick FastChews Chewable Electrolyte TabletsAdditional ImageAdditional Image
Brand: SaltStick

SaltStick FastChews Chewable Electrolyte Tablets

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SaltStick® FastChews® are delicious, chewable tablets that provide a similar ratio of electrolytes to what your body loses through sweat. Our scientific formula relies on cleanly sourced, buffered ingredients to help minimize heat stress and muscle cramping due to dehydration, without causing stomach discomfort.


  • FastChews are ideal for anyone who sweats, including athletes and outdoor workers, or in situations where you need a boost of electrolytes.*
  • FastChews are FAST-absorbing electrolytes designed to be CHEWed, not mixed with water.
  • The electrolytes in FastChews are absorbed through the lining of your mouth, which studies have shown to take in nutrients 2-4x faster than the intestines.
  • Chew FastChews or let them dissolve in your mouth; then wait 2-3 minutes before eating or drinking so the electrolytes have time to be absorbed into your bloodstream.
  • How often do I use them? Everyone is different, and your exact electrolyte needs will be based on your bodyweight, genetics, level of fitness, and outdoor temperatures.
  • But in general, we recommend taking 1 FastChew every 15 minutes during exercise if you're consuming a sports drink, or 2 FastChews every 15 minutes if you're consuming plain water.


Barcodes: 689076677110, 689076673211