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Brand: Mavic

Mavic Cosmic SLR 45 Disc Road Wheelset

Mavic Cosmic SLR 45 Disc Road Wheelset
Mavic Cosmic SLR 45 Disc Road WheelsetAdditional ImageAdditional Image
Brand: Mavic

Mavic Cosmic SLR 45 Disc Road Wheelset

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With lighter 45mm rims featuring our new UD² finish, this carbon wheelset is the fastest, stiffest and lightest all-rounder for road bikes with disc brakes.


  • This all-new carbon wheelset is a great choice for road riders aiming to be fast and efficient in all types of riding and racing situations. Not only does the 45mm airfoil rim slice through the wind with minimal drag, but it’s also amongst the lightest in its category.
  • This season, the external carbon layer features our new UD² construction for a distinctive look and an even lighter rim laminate, saving another 15g per rims.
  • A new rim laminate coupled with our exclusive Fore Carbon technology leaves the upper rim bridge intact and reinforces the rim only where needed, saving 40g per rim. The spokes attach to the rim without any need to drill the upper rim bed, so no rim tape is required. That means more weight savings (30g) and less hassle when it comes to set up or repair tubeless tyres.
  • The new shape of the rim bed makes it easier than ever to mount and remove tires. UST Tubeless setup means no tube, so no friction, and more air volume means a smoother ride. The result is a faster ride with super low rolling Resistance.
  • At last, our patented elliptical spokes save another 5 watts.
  • Our new Infinity hub platform optimizes the spoke lacing for efficient power transfer through highly controlled spoke tension. The Instant Drive 360 freewheel with automatic bearing preload adjustment (QRM Auto) provides fast engagement, high stiffness and added durability.
  • It's available for Shimano and SRAM XD-Road driver bodies and can convert to Campagnolo with an optional driver body. It's compatible with a 12x100 axle up front, and 12x142 rear, and converts to Quick Release with supplied adapters. For Center Lock disc rotors only.
  • These wheels are designed, engineered and patented by Mavic in Annecy, France, and are 100% handmade in our European carbon factory.



  • Pair : 1440 g
  • Front : 655 g
  • Rear : 785 g


  • Material: 100% carbon fiber with UD external layer
  • Material: 100% carbon fiber
  • Height: 45 mm
  • Disc brake specific profile
  • Tire: UST Tubeless and tubetype
  • Internal width: 19 mm
  • ETRTO size: 622x19TC
  • Drilling: Fore Carbon tapeless tubeless technology
  • UST tubeless technology


  • Material: steel
  • Shape: straight pull, elliptical aero, double butted (patented)
  • Nipples: Fore integrated aluminum
  • Count: 24 front and rear
  • Lacing: front and rear crossed 2, contactless


  • Front and rear bodies: aluminum
  • Axle material: aluminum
  • Freewheel: Shimano/Sram
  • QRM Auto bearing preload technology
  • Instant Drive 360 freewheel technology
  • Front: Quick release and 12x100 through axle compatible
  • Rear: Quick Release, 12x142 and 12x135 compatible
  • Hub available for Center Lock brake rotors only
  • Infinity hub design
  • Compatible Adapters and freewheel bodies
  • 12 to 9mm front adapter for quick release (V2680301 sold separately)
  • 12 to 9mm rear adapter for quick release (V2510801 with axle V2373401 sold separately)
  • 12x135 rear axle adapters (V2510901 with axle V2373401 sold separately)
  • ID360 Shimano / Sram Light freewheel body (V3850101 sold separately)
  • ID360 Campagnolo freewheel body (V3440101 sold separately)
  • ID360 XD-R freewheel body (V2580101 sold separately)
  • ID360 Shimano / Sram freewheel body (V3430101 sold separately - Delivered on the wheel)
  • ID360 N3W freewheel body (V4270101 sold separately)

Delivered with

  • UST valve and accessories
  • User guide

Intended use

  • ASTM CATEGORY 2 : road and offroad with jumps less than 15cm
  • For a longer longevity of the wheel, Mavic recommends that the total weight supported by the wheels doesn't exceed 120kg, bike included
  • Maximum tyre pressure: 6.75bar/97PSI with a 23mm tyre - 3.8bar/55PSI with a 62mm tyre
  • Recommended tire sizes: 25 to 32 mm
  • Max. Pressure: see indication on wheel and tire. If they differ, use the lowest of the 2

Manufacturer's Code: 85-466

Barcodes: 0193128788155

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