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Finish Line Chill Zone Aerosol 500 ml

Finish Line Chill Zone Aerosol 500 ml

Finish Line Chill Zone Aerosol 500 ml

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Chill Zone is engineered to free up seized parts


  • A spray designed to get rid of rust, cold welding or loosen any stuck components
  • This formulation combines a penetrating oil, with a chemical that gives an exothermic reaction, cooling the part rapidly to -40 degrees Celsius, causing the metal to contract rapidly
  • This chilling process creates micro cracks in the corrosion, allowing a release agent to penetrate and loosen up the rusted seized part leading to rust to flake off, and for seized parts to become un-seized
  • Before giving up on seized crank bolts and pedals, or rusted chains and derailleurs, or frozen-in-place seat posts give Chill Zone a shot
  • You have to try it to believe it
  • Chill Zone leaves behind lubricant and rust inhibitors to protect parts from further corrosion

Manufacturer's Code: QPFLCZ0171

Barcodes: 036121710337

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