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Brand: CushCore

CushCore Bead Bro Tool

CushCore Bead Bro Tool
Brand: CushCore

CushCore Bead Bro Tool

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Introducing the new CushCore Bead Bro tyre installation companion.


  • When installing bike tyres, with or without CushCore, often times the last bit of the tire is the most difficult part. There you are, with just the last few inches of bead to snap into the rim. Every time you lever a portion of bead into the rim, the other side, under tension, pops out. This can turn into an endless game leaving you wishing you had a third hand.
  • That's where the CushCore Bead Bro comes in. Simply clip it in between the tyre bead and the rim, secure it to a spoke and "lock" it in with the set screw. It will securely hold the bead in place and free both of your hands to complete installing the remaining portion of the bead.
  • Holds the bead down in the rim channel, allowing you to use both hands to complete the remainder tire installation – It's like having a third hand.
  • Locks bead to the rim using a rubber bumper – won't scratch or damage you rim.
  • Designed for any rim width – multiple spoke holder channels adapt the Bead Bro to every rim width.
  • Compatible with carbon and alloy wheels.

Manufacturer's Code: CC-80005

Barcodes: 608011534219