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Brand: Look

Look KEO Blade 08 Clipless Road Pedals

Look KEO Blade 08 Clipless Road Pedals
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Brand: Look

Look KEO Blade 08 Clipless Road Pedals

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Lightweight and powerful, the Keo Blade pedal combines technology with stability for ambitious cyclists seeking superior quality.
Developed by LOOK to optimize your performance.

The Evolution of a Legend
LOOK's very first Keo Blade debuted in 2011, revolutionizing the market by introducing a carbon blade as the heart of the pedal, replacing traditional metal retention springs. The initial Keo Blade experienced immediate success, winning numerous awards, and becoming the go-to pedal for professional riders worldwide.

A decade later, our original goal remains unchanged: to design the world's best road pedal. Leveraging all the lessons learned over time, particularly from collaborations with numerous World Tour teams, the new Keo Blade is lighter, more durable, and more aerodynamic than ever before.

A Perfect Connection
The Keo Blade stands out for its exceptional power-to-weight ratio, thanks to its ultralight design and large contact surface. This ensures optimal power transmission, via our lightest design to date.

Increased Comfort
With its 705 mm² of cleat contact surface and a supportive width of 64 mm, the Keo Blade ensures even pressure distribution under the foot with every pedal stroke. This setup minimizes the risk of “hot spots” or foot discomfort, regardless of the stiffness of your shoes.

Comprised of three stainless steel plates, the extended support surface provides enhanced stability, reducing unwanted movements and lateral tilting during pedaling.

Precise and Reassuring clip-in/clip-out
The exclusive carbon blade technology provides unmatched security, allowing quick clip-out and a superior sense of retention. They accomplish this stability while being 20% lighter than standard metal spring systems. The refined blade spring is optimized to flex earlier in the clip-out motion for quicker and precise foot release.

Designed by Cyclists for Cyclists
With over 40 years of experience in developing clipless pedals, and millions of kilometers ridden, our passion drives us toward excellence. We've worked closely with four professional teams to turn their ideas into tangible improvements.

Every detail matters in our Keo Blade pedals. We designed them to combine performance, comfort and durability with ceramic bearings for reduced axle drag. Our water-resistant grease and improved seal system, which includes multiple seals, ensures optimal performance and extended longevity.


  • A generous support surface of 705 mm² on a carbon body
  • All the rigidity and technology of the carbon blade to optimize every pedal stroke
  • Enhanced comfort through even pressure distribution under the foot
  • Aerodynamic design
  • 3 year warranty: We are committed to making them sustainable.
  • Made in France: Manufactured in our workshop in Nevers.


  • Technology: Blade
  • Spindle material: Chromoly +
  • RetentionSerial installed in 08
  • CleatsKeo Grip
  • BladeComposite
  • Body material: Carbon
  • Platform area: 705 mm²
  • Platform width: 64 mm
  • Total stack height (pedal + cleat): 14,8 mm ( 8,5 + 6,3 )
  • Q Factor: 53 mm
  • Pedal: 115 g
  • Weight pair + cleats: 300 g

Manufacturer's Code: 00027363

Barcodes: 3611720212313

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