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Brand: 226ERS

226ERS Race Day Salty Trail Energy Bar 40g Single

226ERS Race Day Salty Trail Energy Bar 40g Single
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Brand: 226ERS

226ERS Race Day Salty Trail Energy Bar 40g Single

In Stock2-3 Days Delivery Time
Italian Taste
In Stock2-3 Days Delivery Time
In Stock2-3 Days Delivery Time

Race Day is a variation of the Endurance Fuel Bar BCAA’s, as it is thinner, and very easy to carry and chew.


  • The main characteristics of this bar are:
  • Smaller size and 40 g in weight.
  • The amount of figs has been increased and the dates have been reduced, thereby controlling the glycaemic index and providing energy but reducing insulin peaks.
  • One bar contains 124 kcal and between 21 and 25 g of carbohydrates depending on the flavour.
  • The nuts have been taken out so that it is easier to eat and digest. 
  • It has pumpkin seeds that give it a crunchy touch and provide healthy fats and proteins.
  • With organic ingredients like pumpkin seeds, sunflower oil and sultanas.
  • A vitamin complex with 10 vitamins has been added providing 50% of the NRV.


  • Italian Taste: with organic tomato flakes, zucchini powder, basil and oregano, achieving a delicious pizza flavor.
  • Peanuts: with roasted peanuts and organic dates.
  • Almonds & Seeds: with toasted almonds and pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeds.
  • MODE OF USE: Take a Race Day Salty Trail bar every 30-60 ’according to the needs in both training and competitions. It is also perfect to drink before sports and meet the energy needs of that moment prior to exercise.
  • NET WEIGHT: 40g.
  • PACK TYPE: 40g bar individually wrapped in 10mm aluminium foil.
  • PRODUCT STORAGE: Keep in a cool and dry place, out of reach of children, away from sources of heat and intense and direct light.
  • EXPIRY: 18 months from the date of manufacture, referring to the closed, unused product.
  • Energy bar rich in carbohydrates based on dried fruit and pumpkin seeds. Suitable for vegans.

Manufacturer's Code: 5479-SINGLE, 5478-SINGLE, 5480-SINGLE

Barcodes: 8436567354799, 8436567354782, 8436567354805

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