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Chamois Butt'r 235ml Tube

Chamois Buttr 235ml Tube

Chamois Butt'r 235ml Tube

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Original Chamois Butt'r 8oz tube. Chamois Butt'r is the Original non-greasy chamois cream and the favorite of professional and recreational cyclists. It contains no artificial fragrances or colors and is paraben and gluten free.

Developed in 1988 by Steve Mathews, a cyclist and Physical Therapist, in conjunction with chemists, physicians and professional cyclists, Chamois Butt'r sets the standard for high quality chamois creams in the US.

Manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients adhering to the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, Chamois Butt'r products are paraben free, gluten free and contain no artificial colors or fragrances.

Apply liberally to skin and chamois before each ride. May be applied to any skin areas that rub together or against clothing.

The age old question, where to apply Chamois Butt'r? We get asked this question at every cycling event we go to! 50% of the riders we talk to put Chamois Butt'r on the pad of their shorts and 50% put it directly on their skin.

Our suggestion – Put 5 - 10 grams of Chamois Butt'r either on your skin or on the pad of your shorts before you put your shorts on.

It's your preference, the Chamois Butt'r ends up in the same place either way!