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Brand: Sportsbalm

Sportsbalm Medium Muscle Balm

Sportsbalm Medium Muscle Balm
Brand: Sportsbalm

Sportsbalm Medium Muscle Balm

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Warm muscles in cold conditions

The Sportsbalm Red Performance Warming Series helps with the preparation and protection of muscles and tendons and with their optimal performance during sports in cool, cold and wet weather conditions.

Warming the muscles and tendons The Red Series products warm the muscles and tendons so that they can function optimally even under extremely cold and wet conditions. The active ingredients work to a specific depth and do not bring the blood to the surface (skin does not turn red).

Stimulating blood circulation The warming of the muscles and tendons ensures optimal delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of waste products (CO2). The circulation of blood to the working muscles is stimulated, causing the muscles and tendons to be well prepared for exertion.

Medium Muscle Balm
For temperatures between 5 - 10oC

Medium Muscle Balm is a medium muscle warmer that also protects the skin with a water-resistant layer that leaves the pores open. The muscle warming and circulation increases the capacity of the energy delivery systems in the body. Red Medium Balm is recommended for cold and wet weather conditions with temperatures from approximately 5oC to 10oC.

Why Medium Muscle Balm?

  • Protects the skin against cold and rain
  • Keeps muscles and tendons warm for a prolonged period allowing them to function optimally
  • Slows production of lactic acid in the muscles during training and sports
  • Reduces the risk of injury during training and sports
  • Keeps the blood vessels supple
  • Beneficial effect on circulation
  • For efficient oxygen transport and disposal of waste
  • Keeps the pores open
Prolonged effect

The Sportsbalm Red Series products have a prolonged warming effect. The breathable ‘film layer’ does not close the pores, which allows the skin to continue to function naturally. For the optimum effect, apply the product 15–30 minutes before exercise.

Manufacturer's Code: SB002