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Cycliq Fly6 Smart Rear Light & Camera

Cycliq Fly6 Smart Rear Light & Camera
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Cycliq Fly6 Smart Rear Light & Camera

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Your Eyes Behind - Watching your back

"Combining visibility with the reassurance of constantly recording HD video puts the Cycliq Fly6 at the head of the must have commuting accessories." - James Bracey / Cycling Weekly

Key Features:

  • HD video with audio
  • 30 Lumen Tail Light
  • 6 hours of battery
  • Incident protection technology
  • Home safe mode
  • Multiple light modes
  • Wide angle lens
  • Looping recording for set & forget use
  • Nano technology for all weather use
  • Elegant design mounts to your seat post

In the Box

  • Fly6
  • SD Card Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Standard Strap
  • 0 Degree Spacer
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Aero Strap
  • 7.5 Degree Spacer
  • 8GB Class10 MicroSD Card
  • Aero Spacer

Press Reviews

"Of course, the Fly6’s camera alone won’t prevent a car from hitting you (hopefully the light does that). But in the event there is an altercation between you and a car/driver, then at least you have something to show your side of the story. And sometimes, those something’s become viral. And when that happens, it might just educate a driver or two on being more careful around cyclists. Or perhaps, they’ll just think twice that maybe there’s a camera on that bike recording their actions." Read More

"The Fly6 began as a Kickstarter project just over a year ago. The combination tail light and rear view camera was the first of its kind, and it was released in Australia at a time when cyclist-driver relations were nearing an all-time low." Read More

"My favourite aspect of the Fly6 is the recording functionality that I noted with the last model. Unlike other action cams, this records in loops meaning that when the memory has been depleted, it simply records over the oldest file. The device also has a safety feature to make sure that any footage that may have been taken in a crash is not recorded over. When the camera is horizontal for 4 seconds, it will keep recording but not delete the footage from the minutes leading up to or after that point." Read More



Fly6[v] packs a whopping 2600mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery that lasts up to 6 hours with the light flashing. More than plenty of power to last long rides; or charge only once per week for shorter commutes. And when you turn Fly6[v] on, audible alerts indicate your power level.

Battery Life

  • Bike Camera + Solid on full 30 Lumens = 2.5 hours
  • Bike Camera + Pulse/Flash = 6 hours
  • Bike Camera only = 6+ hours

Audible Alerts

  • 4 beeps = 75%+ charged
  • 3 beeps = 50%+ charged
  • 2 beeps = 25%+ charged
  • 1 beep = 5% charged


Fly6[v] is a smart bike camera that records what’s happening behind you in crisp HD with audio. The wide-angle lens captures everything you normally don’t see, provides visual material on training rides and presents valuable proof should an incident occur. Packed with safety features and smart technology, Fly6[v] has your back…


Incidents, license plates and special moments are caught in a 100 degree arc of footage. There’s no tunnel vision here, instead a broad range for maximum footage capture.


The bright 30 lumen light makes you visible to other road users day and night. Fly6[v] has various light modes (Solid On, Flash and Pulse) and dimming settings. The light can also be turned off to run on camera only mode.


Two buttons do everything and makes this sophisticated light and camera combination, very easy to use. One button turns the unit on and off, and handles your light mode settings. The rotating bezel light around the camera indicates that the unit is on and recording.

The second button allows you to manage the brightness of your light. It is also possible to just have the camera on and have the light turned off.


If your battery depletes below 5% during operation, 3 long beeps will sound. Audio and video recording will then turn off to save battery power. You can continue to use the light for approximately 2.5 hours to make sure you can get home safely.


Using nanotechnology, Fly6[v] is made weather resistant. On a nano-level, a hydrophobic coating protects both the inside and outside from corrosion. Finally, a light that lasts.


The heavy-duty Velcro mounting solution makes it easy to mount and remove your unit. Our clever mounting design options will attach the unit to your seat post, including aero seat posts.


Fly6[v] has looping video, which means you’ll never run out of memory space on your SD card (included). Viewing and keeping your footage is as easy as removing the microSD card and sticking it in a computer, or use the USB cable provided to copy it across. The video footage from your rear bike camera includes a time stamp that provides useful information on time and date should an incident happen.



  • Resolution 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps
  • Video File Type: AVI
  • Encoding: h.264
  • Time Stamp: MMMM DD YYYY HH:MM:SS
  • Sensor Viewing Angle: 100 degrees
  • File Sizes: 10 Minute around 900MB


  • Compression: 16bit PCM/mono/32KHz


  • 4.5oz / 127g


  • 8GB Class 10 microSD Card Included (Supports up to 32GB)


  • Charging Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Voltage 3.7v
  • Up to 6 Hours Run Time


  • Nano Technology
  • IP Rating: 55


  • 4 options from 100% through to off


  • Solid, Flash, Pulse, Off


  • 30 Lumens


  • Charging: MicroUSB(USB2.0)
  • Connection: MicroUSB(USB2.0)
  • Memory: MicroSD
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