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Warranty Request Form

Manufacturer Warranty Details

All Bikes & Frames sold by us are covered by a warranty specific to manufacturer. This covers manufacturing defects,
but does not cover damage sustained by crashing, abuse, or general wear and tear.

Below you can find detailed warranty information of your bicycle / frame manufacturer:

Warranty Request Form

To make sure warranty procedure of your bike will be fast and hassle free to you we ask you to:

  1. Read warranty information of your bike's manufacturer
  2. If your bike / frame is covered under manufacturer's warranty terms, please fill Warranty Request Form
  3. Please email completed Warranty Request Form together with 5 pictures of the bike (1 picture of complete bike, 3 pictures of damaged area & 1 picture of frame number) and copy of proof of purchase to workshop@cyclesuperstore.ie
    Tip: Best to take pictures under daylight conditions.

Download Warranty Request Form

Details above will allow us to speed up warranty procedure and make it hassle free for you. We will contact you as soon as we will hear back from manufacturer.